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Foster Youth Advocate and Comedian Rosie O’Donnell to be Invited to Attend “Intro to Robo” Event

Comedian, actress, and advocate Rosie O’Donnell will be invited to our upcoming “Intro to Robo” event on March 22nd. Not only is O’Donnell an experienced person in the entertainment industry, but she has also branched out to give back to the community. As stated in her personal website, O’Donnell has committed herself to many projects such as launching Rosie’s Theater for Kids, a charity for children to discover themselves through the arts. In 2009, O’Donnell was the executive producer for the Lifetime film “America,” in which she starred as the therapist of the 16-year-old foster youth, America, played by Philip Johnson. The movie depicts the real-life struggles of foster youth, mentioning the issue of keeping and maintaining vital life documents, which is one of the problems Living Advantage Inc. tries to address. “[America] gave phenomenal facts about foster youth,” said Executive Director Pamela Clay. “[Living Advantage Inc.] is inviting Rosie O’Donnell because she is a good example of someone who knows what some populations in America is going through and who works to better their lives.” To view a clip of the film America, click here. Photo: (Fortune Live Media/Flickr)


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