Our mission is to prepare our youth with increasing access to K-12 academics, college preparation, independent living, job development skills as well as entrepreneurial opportunities. With the utilization of our innovative approach we are better capable to promote the necessary skills for today's high technology market. Living Advantage narrowed down what the most important tools needed to become self sufficient, independent and reach a higher rate of educational success. Since October, 2007, the group home facilities have been exchanged for a virtual home to direct more services utilizing electronic communication, social networking, media and an internet based agenda.

Why You Should Help:

  • 8% are in institutions

  • 6% are in group homes

  • Only 4% are in pre-adoptive homes

  • 50% will complete high school

  • 25% will be homeless

  • 40% will depend on some form of public assistance

  • 27% of males and 10% of females will be incarcerated at least once

  • 428,000 children in the foster care system yearly in the United States

  • 670,000 children on 2015 spent time in foster care system nationally

  • 24,000 will be forced out of the system this year with no financial or family support.

  • 3,000 in Los Angeles County alone which of 85% never find a permanent home.

On average, 78% foster children that are in the system lack access to, or have never had their vital records (photo ID, social security card and/or birth certificates)

How We Help:

Living Advantage, Inc. offers many programs to help foster youth succeed in life. Living Advantage shares the benefits from our patent pending technology, e-LockBox, to help foster children access their vital documents and also introduces them to a variety of resources and opportunities they need for housing, employment & education. Click below to learn more about how Living Advantage, Inc. assists foster youth.

Our Mission