The e-Lockbox is a highly secured web application to help foster youth access their vital life documents when necessary.


There are too many times when foster youth have faced challenges of lost documents or have misplaced important papers that prevent them from receiving services. When youth do not have access to their social security cards, birth certificates, immunization/medical documentation and other vital life records, they are rendered completely “unidentifiable”. There are many instances when teenagers are unaware of their own birth dates. This often happens when a child is continuously moved from home to home. However, by storing their documents with e-Lockbox, it: 

1. Allows foster youth to apply for a job
2. Allows foster youth to get housing
3. Allows foster youth to get medical services
4. Allows foster youth to enroll in school/college
5. Allows foster youth to have access to community events 
6. Allows foster youth to better ADVOCATE for yourself

Living Advantage Drop-Out Prevention Services, LADPS

We are committed to helping you graduate from high school on time and develop into responsible, educated, employable, and successful adults. we work with your families and many local community organizations that WANT to see you succeed! we offer a safe and effective educational enrichment program.
For those students who meet the criteria and are identified as at-risk of dropping out of high school, educational interventions must include a mentoring and tutoring component that is imbedded throughout the instructional day and after-school. The program must provide comprehensive interventions supports focusing on:

  • Increasing school attendance

  • Improving grades

  • Increasing passing scores in core curriculum such as English and Math

  • Increasing high school graduation

  • Decreasing dropout rates.

The purpose of this in-school intervention is to provide personalized support for students who are in need of intensive academic attention in order to improve their academic success. This in-school intervention program is to establish a contract for academic intervention programs tailored to students identified as at-risk of dropping out of school and/or targeted student populations such as foster youth, probation, students residing in-group homes, pregnant and parenting teens.

Life Skills Workshop

Life Skills Workshop Series for LA’s Foster Youth

Once a month, Living Advantage Inc. will be conducting a Life Skills Workshop series at Foshay Learning Center K-12. These workshops will ensure our foster youth’s accessibility to critical life skills needed to prepare them for a successful transition into an independent adult.

  • Alternative Education Support

  • E-Education

  • Financial Literacy

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Cultural Literacy

  • Performing Arts

  • Introduction to Technology & Broadband

  • Human and Health Services

  • Motivational Speakers

  • Celebrity Participation

  • Community Partner Resources

  • Public Officials Interaction


STEM Center for Innovation and Excellence

A USC, AT&T Partnership

SCIE offers students a chance to learn how to use science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) as a tool to start their own business. Students work in teams to create prototypes of apps and products in a local maker space, start-up garage and business incubator setting at their schools. Through interaction with STEM college students, faculty, and professionals, students will gain insight into STEM careers.

The VALE Program



 VALE Program provides a case management service, need and assessment survey, mentors and tutors that assist in increasing grade levels of foster youth and ensuring they graduate on time from high school. This includes monthly Life Skills Workshops to link foster youth to additional services and resources. Vale also gives assistance with retrieval and maintenance of foster youth's vital life documents and personal information. Youth are empowered and better capable of advocating for themselves that enhances self sufficiency as they become adults.

  1. Provides access to the eLockbox an online data storage which provides a secure portal to maintain personal and vital life documents.

  2. Introduce youth to computer technology and e-educational resources available to achieve a higher rate of continued educational success.

  3. Exposes them to supporters who want to invest in the lives of our youth and promote higher self esteem.

  • Work with our partners, USC Joint Educational Project, USC Department of Psychology, Foshay Learning Center and many others organizations to assess the needs of foster youth, match them with tutors and mentors.

  • Engage youth at our events and activities to promote lifelong connections to supportive adults and peers.

  • Collaborate, develop and maintain partnerships with community organizations and individuals who will continuously provide support, resources, and services to youth.

  • Educate the community on understanding the dynamics of youth in foster care.

  • Regularly monitor, support and reassess to ensure these youth are given the proper tools needed for educational and economic success for self sufficiency.

Living Advantage, Inc. Employment Opportunities 

Living Advantage maximizes the opportunities of our at-risk homeless youth by keeping them in school, reducing suspensions, tardiness, and behavior problems, advocating for them with the teachers, and introducing them to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math/Medicine (STEM), and ROBOTICS.  To fill the tech and science focused jobs of the future, STEM industries need to emphasize on diversity. Unlike their more affluent counterparts, students who live in underserved communities typically lack access to what are now considered STEM basics: up-to-date laboratories, laptop or tablet computers and access to the Internet. Living Advantage continues to expose these students to our services.

LA, Inc.'s "Intro to Robo"

Hosted by USC Civic Engagement at The Galen Center

"Intro to Robo" engages and brings awareness to at risk and foster youth the Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, Arts, and Mathematics opportunities. This event motivates and encourages students to become leaders in S.T.E.A.M career fields.


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