Our Vision

Living Advantage, Inc. enriches the lives of every child in the foster care system nationally by decreasing their risk of unemployment, homelessness, mothers on welfare, sex trafficking, drug abuse, and incarceration. We offer continuous support for their education, career, housing, and wellness needs by utilizing innovative technology, mass media, and collaboration. We also provide financial and independent living skills necessary for them to emerge self-sufficient as productive members of society, and to have a better quality of life.


Over the course of 22 years our organization has had a positive and direct impact on so many children's lives. In 2017, we helped over 650 children, youth and young adults. We could not have accomplished our valuable work without having formed valuable partnerships with many outstanding organizations and companies.  We are proud to highlight some of the recognitions we have received.

Michael's Story

Meet Michael! Michael is one of our Foster Youth Action Heroes! His journey serves as a prime example of what our Foster Youth can accomplish when provided with the necessary support and resources. You can read more about Michael's journey in the spotlight section!

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