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Our Mission

Our mission is to help the underserved and marginalized foster youth of the Los Angeles area. We believe that tutoring youth will improve K-12 academics, prepare them for college readiness, and provide independent living and job development skills that are necessary for their success. We believe developing new educational programs to promote skills for today's high technology market should be a priority. Living Advantage imparts basic life skills for self-sufficiency so that foster youth no longer need social services. 

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Our Vision

As a community, Living Advantage strives to give vulnerable children in foster care the support they need to grow up into independent, successful and well- adjusted adults. We aim to break the cycle of poverty and dependence on the welfare system. Specifically, our goal is to empower children with a solid educational foundation by tutoring and mentoring, so they graduate from school to find jobs that are meaningful to them.  A very important part of our service is making sure our children always have their permanent life documents. Our unique development, eLockbox is a permanent electronic file where foster youth can store and access vital life documents to ensure they career opportunities, housing and a driver’s license. 

Engineering Robot Car

Robo is a fun-filled event created to introduce foster youth to a world of opportunities. They will be inspired to explore subjects that may garner academic interest in pursuing the career of their dreams.

eLockbox was developed as a solution to a serious national foster youth stumbling block, lack of personal documentation. Personal records such as birth certificates, social security cards and immunization records are mandatory for social and medical services, employment, housing and school attendance.
VALE is a bridge program for foster youth who are ready to become adults.  Designed to help youth graduate on time and develop independent living skills so they become self-sufficient and are empowered with how to care and advocate for themselves.

Michael was a transitional aged foster youth. After the passing of his aunt, he had no access to any of his personal identifiable information. Without a birth certificate, social security card, or photo ID, he was unable to apply for jobs and housing. For two years, he dealt with the harsh realities of homelessness and unemployment. These realities are all too common for youth leaving the foster care system. And can lead to illegal activity as a means of survival. 

Our Non-Profit Works Everyday To Help Foster Children Thrive And Prosper.


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