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Join Living Advantage, Inc. in celebrating 30 years as a nonprofit! That's 30 years of providing valuable services to at-risk youth, targeting foster youth. 

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May Is National Foster Care Month!

National Foster Care Month is all about acknowledging former and current youth in the foster care system and creating change. You can make a change by giving this month.


This month we are also recognizing our Foster Care Heroes. Today we are putting the spotlight on Eddie Murphy!

Eddie was born in Brooklyn. When he was 3 years old, his parents divorced. Five years later, his father died and shortly after that, his mother was hospitalized for a long period of time. Because of her illness, Eddie and his brother were sent to a foster home.

He stayed in foster care for about a year but says that experience helped him develop a sense of humor.

When Eddie was 9 years old, his mother remarried and the family was reunited. 


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33/30 Campaign

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Access to member-only events like our 30th Anniversary Event.


Be a part of a network of like-minded individuals, with the opportunity to share your expertise directly with the kids.


Special prizes/gifts, LA Clippers, LA Rams Tickets for supporters.

When 3,000 people donate as little as $3.30 a month, we can service 300 foster youth a year. This ensures that we are able to give our kids a strong support system to reduce the plight of homelessness, sex trafficking, and incarceration.

Donate today to make a difference!

Our Non-Profit Works Everyday To Help Foster Children Thrive And Prosper.
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