Covid-19 has changed all of our lives. The change to online schooling is an especially worrisome complication for foster youth. Many children are in homes that do not have the necessary electronic devices and internet services to allow them to keep up with their schooling. Our youth most often look to their school for resources such as computer’s, WIFI, and school supplies. Without electronic devices and the internet, they will fall farther behind in school and cannot receive our tutoring services. Until the contagion is confined, we are unable to visit them, nor can we assist them with tutoring without electronic devices. 


We are asking you to partner with Living Advantage to assist us in helping our youth stay on track in school and have a brighter future. Our kids do not have family members to give them the proper support they need. We ask our supporters to help us provide them with tablets, laptops, and internet service that they desperately need.  With Covid-19, these are the essential first steps to continuing on a path to an education and successful life. With this worldwide pandemic we ask for your monetary donations to purchase in bulk electronic devices for our kids.


Our most heartfelt and appreciative thanks from our staff and our kids.

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