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Our Mission

The mission of Living Advantage, Inc. is to utilize innovative technology, social networking and media to reduce unemployment, homelessness and incarceration for at-risk youth targeting foster youth. We offer continuous support for their education, career, housing, and health needs, by providing them financial and independent living skills necessary to have a better quality of life.

Kids Blowing Bubbles

Our Vision

Living Advantage, Inc. offers educational and social services that ensure our under-served youth have a support system that they can always rely on. As a nonprofit, we aim for our youth to grow up independent and successful to break the cycle of poverty, incarceration, and dependence on the welfare system. Specifically, we empower them with tutoring and mentoring, in the effort to help them graduate from school and find careers or entrepreneurial opportunities that are meaningful to them.

Helping Hands

Our Goal

Our goal is to support foster youth with the belief that tutoring and mentoring will improve K-12 academics, prepare them for college readiness, and provide independent living and job development skills that are necessary for their success. We develop virtual programs to promote skills for today's high technology market that should be a priority. LA, Inc. imparts basic life skills for self-sufficiency so that foster youth can reduce the need for social services.

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