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Join The 33/30 Campaign!


Our goal is to get 3,000 people to donate $3.30 a month. If we achieve that goal, we can service 300 foster youth a year! Our services seek to provide youth in foster care the support they need to grow into independent, successful, and well-adjusted adults. 


LA, Inc. values each and every contribution to our cause, because it means you believe in supporting youth in foster care just as much as we do. 


Your contribution helps us promote a plethora of services from which our youth will not only acquire a strong educational foundation and full access to vital resources and documents, but a support system that is often lost by youth during this challenging time in their lives.

Join the movement that seeks to make a strategic shift in how we connect with foster youth.


Together, we are the "Moms and Dads of Foster Youth"!

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