Impact of the Living Advantage Approach

Foster Youth become self-sufficient adults, have an increased sense of security and self esteem and successfully transitioning into adulthood while reducing recidivism…………

The more foster youth we identify and register in the VALE Program, the more youth we are able to help either through ensuring they are receiving services, being empowered through employment or simply being able to receive continuous educational attainment success as we increase secondary education and college graduates.

Living Advantage sends out a weekly e-newsletter which educates informs and gives ways people can invest in our youth. Give exposure to organizations, businesses and individuals in the Los Angeles community that are in collaborations with or efforts to assist in raising funds to offer foster youth support services and community activities.

As of February 27, 2009 we are impacting institutional and governmental policies by introducing AB#1148, The VALE program into legislation. 

2014 serviced over 753 youth and some adults

We help to empower disadvantaged and disenfranchised youth to take control of their destiny to be contributing and productive members of society. We will provide the necessary direction and skills to realize their dreams through maintaining life documents, education, social skills, job training, counseling, motivation, and integrating with positive role models in the community to have a higher rate of successful outcomes.