how we solve the foster youth crisis


Children that have fallen into the foster care system are generally the victims of parents that I have abused them neglected them or abandon them, through drug abuse being incarcerated and the recidivism of family abuse. However sometimes parents do get sick and unable to take care of them. Then due to the unfortunate some parents die and the checkout has no one else to care for them ending up in the system.

Children rebel from being in the system by running away and ending up on the streets. They become very vulnerable and victims to predators and people that take advantage of them hence, ending up homeless, victims of sex trafficking, unemployed and destitute. The ones that escape from predators and may be a little more stronger than most have to fend for themselves so usually especially without having access to their birth certificates and/or social security cards find it difficult to find a decent paying job with low education attainment so they get involved in criminal activities. They eventually end up going to jail are being a part of the juvenile probation system. Once in the system now to consider this convicts or again haven’t finished school still not being able to move forward in life and just don’t have that strong support system that is unconditional that will allow them to move forward.


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THE VIRTUAL ASSISTED LIVING AND EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM (VALE PROGRAM) - We have seized the benefits of technology to gather and store the vital life documents for youth on an innovative, highly secured web application. 

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Provides foster youth with permanent and secure electronic access to their vital life documents, which are often lost when moving from home to home.

JOB READINESS & YOUTH EMPLOYMENT – We prepare youth for the workforce by providing them with the necessary skills, job training and exposure to the working world. We ensure they understand the importance of job retention in order to maintain self-sufficiency.

EARN & LEARN PROGRAM - Living Advantage is proud to partner with the LA County in the Earn & Learn Program that services thousands of youth. Through the program, qualified youth can gain valuable work experience and pay while creating a pathway to future employment. Earn & Learn partners with a variety of employers throughout LA County in diverse job sectors. 


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