How we are helping to solve the identity crises


THE VIRTUAL ASSISTED LIVING AND EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM (VALE PROGRAM) - We have seized the benefits of technology to gather and store the vital life documents for youth on an innovative, highly secured web application. We help gather and maintain their vital life documents, a case manager assists youth with continuous alternative and e-educational resources; independent living, job and medical services. We empower youth to advocate for themselves and assist them to obtain and manage their records regardless of where they live. Documents will be maintained a minimum of 8 years after aging out of the foster care system.

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VALE INFORMATION MANAGEMENT DATA SYSTEM (VALE IMDS) – An internet based system to building a community collaborative database specific to matching foster youth with resources and services. It is the core system for at-risk/foster care youth, public and community based organizations and partners who want to bring visibility and services to their businesses, the collaboratives and our community as a whole.

Living Advantage has decreased the “disconnect of services” to our youth and have become “the link” through our outreach and education to the community. We identify youth, assess their needs and match them with resources and services they need ensuring continuous follow-up for their success.

JOB READINESS & YOUTH EMPLOYMENT – We prepare youth for the workforce by providing them with the necessary skills, job training and exposure to the working world. We ensure they understand the importance of job retention in order to maintain self-sufficiency.

EARN & LEARN PROGRAM - Living Advantage is proud to partner with the LA County in the Earn & Learn Program that services thousands of youth. Through the program, qualified youth can gain valuable work experience and pay while creating a pathway to future employment. Earn & Learn partners with a variety of employers throughout LA County in diverse job sectors.