Living Advantage Overview

Our Mission

Living Advantage, Inc.'s mission is to utilize innovative technology, social networking and media to reduce unemployment, homelessness and incarceration for foster youth. We offer continuous support for their education, career, housing, and wellness needs, but also provide the financial and independent living skills necessary for self-sufficiency that will further their success in having a better quality of life upon aging out of the foster care system.

Below is our Executive Director, Pamela Clay, speaking on Living Advantage, What We Do & Why! The footage is from our amazing event with Cindy Ashton, A Networking Mixer, in anticipation for our Red Carpet Dreaming Tour taking place June 2011. 



Our Work

Over the past fifteen years, we have cultivated diverse relationships and have evolved into a human capital organization. Through collaboration and reinvestment in the community we have formed sustainable relationships with thousands of individuals and organizations willing to help support our mission.

Living Advantage has decreased the “disconnect of services” to our youth and have become “the link” through our outreach and education to the community. We identify youth, assess their needs and match them with resources and services they need ensuring continuous follow-up for their success.

We inform the community about the barriers they face and the much needed resources and services available but are anonymous to our at-risk youth, specifically youth in foster care. We utilize innovative technology and electronic forms of communication including social networking and media.

Our Services

The Virtual Assisted Living and Educational Program (VALE Program) 
We have seized the  benefits of technology to gather and store the vital life documents for youth in an innovative, secured, web application. We provide limited case management, empower youth to advocate for themselves and assist them and their caregivers to obtain and manage their records regardless of placement. Documents are maintained up to 8 years after aging out of the system.

VALE Information Management Data System (VALE IMDS)
A web application specific to youth and to building a community collaborative resource database. It is the core system for at-risk/ foster care youth, public and community based organizations and partners who want to bring visibility and services to their businesses, the collaboratives and our community as a whole.

Youth Internships, Job Training & Employment
We prepare youth for the workforce by providing them with the necessary skills, job training and exposure to the working world. We ensure they understand the importance of job retention in order to maintain self-sufficiency.

Community Outreach & Reinvestment
We educate and inform the community about foster care issues and the need to invest and make a difference in the lives of our youth. We utilize innovative technology and electronic forms of communication including social networking and media. Our email server list is over 35,000 contacts.

We have an innovative approach to old issues. We mobilize existing CBO’s, corporate sponsors, foundations, FBO’s to build a strategic alliance using technology by leveraging seasoned relationships making it easier to communicate and match services to youth in need. We tailor our services to fit different living environments such as, FFA’s, group homes and relative caregivers.